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Personal Injury

PLM Law is committed to achieving fair and satisfactory outcomes quickly and efficiently for accident victims.

Disability Benefits

Dealing with your injury, disease or illness is difficult enough. We understand that the inability to work and support your family only contributes to your frustration.


Whether you’re in the public or private sector, a union in need of advice or an individual who has been wrongfully dismissed, we can handle your labour relations case.

Human Rights

Everyone has the right to be treated equally and not to be discriminated against in the enjoyment and provision of accommodations, services and facilities, to which members of the public have access.

Alternate Dispute Resolution

With specialized training and years of experience in the role as mediator and arbitrator, PLM Law employs broad negotiating and problem solving skills to achieve the desired results.


PLM Law provides specialized legal services in personal injury and disability, employment and labour law, human rights and alternative dispute resolution in Prince Edward Island, Atlantic Canada and Ontario. We bring a breadth of professional knowledge and over twenty-five years of experience to every case. Being wrapped up in legal battles and insurance claims can be stressful. That’s why we are committed to getting your best possible outcome quickly and efficiently.

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